Monday, July 15, 2013

Cats and dogs are supposed to be natural born enemies, right?
Not so in my house.
Miabob has always been enthralled with cats.. well, there were three kittens needing homes, I found a home for two and the next thing you know "I'll take the grey one" came flying out of my mouth.
I must have lost my mind, don't get me wrong, I like cats but with me it's a lot like children, I like them, just don't want one.
Well, now I have one, or Miabob has one. Moshi hates him, he hissed at her when they met, she's been plotting revenge ever since from her throne in the middle of my bed. she has started coming out when she wants to go out or eat, but she's not hanging out like she lives here, she's been acting like an unwanted house guest. I feel so bad for her!
Mia loves this kitten.
Moshi hates this kitten.
I've had a headache since Murphy moved in.
I want my bathroom back.
It should be a no brainer, but I'm torn.
Maybe I'll wait one more week, maybe Moshi will come to terms with him and my headache will  magically disappear..maybe I should revert to the childrens counting game of Eeny, meeny,miny, moe...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hair color

 Fall is here, time to change the color of your hair! I got mine done Tuesday, it's been a while since I had dark low lights,it's also been a while since I have trusted someone else to apply them...not that I'm picky or anything just that one of the last times someone else did them, he got into a conversation about his "Idol" and half of my head was dark. 
That was a very long time ago and  the guy that did them this week, did a great job considering what I threw at him. Hindsight being what it is, yes I would do it differently, but it is what it is and it's not bad! Last night when I got home I went to change to go to a function and noticed that the collar of my white shirt was now a lovely shade of merlot.
I'm getting in the shower in a minute to shampoo my hair a few more times. While the weather has cooled down, it's still too hot for me to be in all black!

Monday, August 8, 2011

You know you're a hairstylist when.....

1. Clients ask for coffee and you put it in the microwave.
2. Cleaning out your drain is the most repulsive part of your day.
3. You're used to having strangers hair in your cleavage.
4. You have at least one crazy client.
5. You know everything going on in celebrities lives because of the amount of magazines you read.
6. Color corrections are not your friend.
7. You're so used to ruining your clothes with chemicals that it doesn't even phase you anymore.
8. You laugh at the "accident-a alopecia" joke.
9. More ta-ta's more tips ;)
10. You can eat an entire meal in under 5 minutes while your client is processing.
11. You've tried to quit smoking- don't ask
12. No one agrees on the music
13. "Yes your hair is fried and, yes you need more than an inch off."
14. Your hair has been every shade under the sun.
15. You've seen your fair share of chemical hair cuts.
16. You've lost control of the hose at least once
17. You are eating and cut hair is in your food and it does not bother you, but one strand of hair (not cut) does...
18. When a client shows you a picture they printed off the computor and they've clearly used the last of their color cartridge, saying " I really want this color!"
19. You're done with the haircut and they say"maybe a little bit shorter"...
20. You notice when the hair line of a stranger needs to be trimmed.
21. When you have to pretend a story about a napkin collection is the most intersting thing you have ever heard!
22. You've tried to explain to your clients you can't count the number of layers you put in their hair.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Did you know???

Hair is actually dead material when it leaves it's root - otherwise it would hurt very much when your hairdresser works with his scissor.
 On a normal scalp there are about 100-150 thousand hair fibers.
 A blonde head of hair has usually much more fibers than red or dark haired heads.
 Hair consists mainly of keratin, which is also responsible for the elasticity of fingernails.
 A single hair has a thickness of 0.02-0.04mm, so that 20-50 hair fibers next to each other make one millimeter.
 Hair is strong as a wire of iron. It rips after applying a force equivalent to 132lbs or after it stretched itself for about 70%.
The root of a hair fiber sticks in a bag in the skin. The fiber is pushed out of this bag about 0.35mm per day, making an average growth rate of half of an inch, per month. The growth rate is however very much related to the individual person, his age, his diet etc.
Healthy hair has an average lifetime of 2-6 years.
 After a rest period of three months the single hair falls out, and a new fiber starts to grow out of the bag.
 The lifetime depends on circumstances and person, too. The lifetime of hair is responsible for the maximum of hair length you can have. Waist length hair takes about 6 years to grow out from a short hair cut, periodic trims included. If your hair has a lifecyle of 2 years, you will never achieve a nice waist length mane.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Skin treatment system

today I bought Christi Harris Skin Treatment system, by following a daily regimine, I will have normal skin in just twenty eight days, that would be May 12th.
Day 1.
a) Cleansing: in circular motion, massage quarter size amount over entire face. Rinse with cool, wet washcloth. (make small mess with water)
b) Exfoliant: In a circular motion massage over entire face, including eye area. Rinse with cool water.(get small amount in eye causing sudden spasm when rinsing because you think surely this will cause blindness, make a bigger mess with water)
c) Moisture: in circular motion, massage over face,eyes, lips & neck.( chase bottle on countertop because of all the water)
d) Night creme: with a pea size amount apply very thin layer over face and neck.(put glasses on to make sure you get the right product, figure out how to get the lid off with moisturized fingers,try to decide how much is actually pea sized)
e) Eye cream: warm a pea sized amount between fingertips & pat over entire eye area, or once weekly apply to face and neck for intensive treatment. (  pea sized amount disappears but remains sticky,go back for more, poke yourself in eye while applying )
After cleaning up the mess I made I thought I'll check for stray eyebrows, note to self- check that first because you can't get them after your face is done!
All in all, I think it will work, as long as my dogs don't try to lick it off while I sleep!